Client Testimonials

The team at Taikun Start was able to work directly with me to redesign my company logo and provide business consulting services.  They exhibited professionalism and delivered exactly what my business needed at the right time.  I have had many long-time customers positively comment on the new look of the company.  I feel completely comfortable with our brand development in the hands of Taikun Start.

Steven Reid Owner and CEO

In the competitive jewelry industry, the overall brand message can make or break you. Taikun Start’s hands on approach with our business and brand development has allowed us to grow at exponential rates and reach our milestones faster. They not only provided us with an awesome logo design, but also have assisted with the look and feel of the product packaging and display materials. I trust our brand in the hands of the experts at Taikun Start, and would recommend them to any company looking to expand their market reach.

Stephanie Reid Pearl Afficionado

Taikun Start has been an integral partner in my business for the past three years. From brand management to logo design my business wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of Taikun Start. As an entrepreneur it’s very easy to be chaotically creative while being unorganized and efficient. Taikun Start provided the structure I needed to effectively reach my target consumers and provided me with the right information and solutions to materialize my vision in ways that I had never imagined. I’m very proud to be a Taikun!

Rob Williams Athletic Engineer

Crown Quality Brands owes Taikun Start so much for getting the company to where it’s at today. They helped us to get from A to Z entirely by assisting with corporate branding, legal work and even our executives personal branding. Our team tried to launch the company in the past, but not until we sought the services of Taikun Start were we able to finally see success. They were able to help us think more strategically and in a more structured way. (more…)

Jaron Turner Chief Designer

Taikun Start has been exceptional with branding and marketing Bravura Medical Consulting. In the past six months Taikun Start has partnered with us and provided a solid foundation for our launch. From it’s inception, Bravura has grown from a single contractor to a full consulting firm with an array of service offerings. The hands-on approach from Taikun Start has lifted our current business processes to a higher level. They have also prepared important building blocks for our consultancy to achieve higher efficiency in the future.

Cheveon Whitaker Founder & CEO